Linnaea's Cafe

More than great coffee. It's a community. Since 1984. San Luis Obispo's first coffeehouse. Organic and Fair-trade. Vegetarian and Vegan.

M-W 6:30am-9:30pm  |  Th-F 6:30am-10:00pm
Sat 7:00am-10:00pm  |  Sun 7:00am-9:30pm

Our legendary breakfast is served from 6:30-11:00am on weekdays and on the weekends from 7am to a very civilized 2pm. Lunch happens on weekdays beginning at 11:30am until it's all gone. Our lunch is different every day based on the season and what is available. We often describe it like going home for dinner. What ever Mom made is what your going to eat! Right? Only in our case its our cooks. Typical menu items can be butternut black bean enchiladas, curried tofu, eggplant Imam, or perhaps lemon basil oven-roasted vegetables. Always vegetarian. Often vegan.


Our Coffee

For you connoisseurs out there: Linnaea's is a classic, traditional cafe. We have no "venti" or "grande" anything! Ground fresh from organic beans, our espresso shots are short, dark, and sweet and our largest cappuccino is a traditional 7 ounces. If you'd like something larger, we suggest a latte. Our baristas pour some rockin' latte art.

We serve breakfast and lunch!

Did you know that Linnaea's serves breakfast everyday and lunch on weekdays? Because we're famous for our coffee drinks, people are sometimes surprised to hear this. But yes! In fact, co-owner Marianne Orme is a graduate of the highly regarded Culinary Institute of America, and runs a local commercial kitchen in which all of Linnaea's incredible baked goods and lunches are made.

Some of our most popular homemade things are our cupcakes, available Thursday through Sunday. Our favorites: The Chocolate Stout with Baileys Buttercream, and our amazing Vegan Tiramisu. Other greats: Our rockin' breakfast burritos, the breakfast granola (vegan option available), the caramel for our coffee drinks, and our very popular spicy vanilla house chai or the sweeter honey vanilla chai. Oh, and don't get us started on the carrot cake. We'll just say this: people call ahead to make sure it's not sold out.

Our newest additions to the menu are the ever popular Matcha green tea latte. oat milk, and our own small batch cold brew coffee!

Fresh from the Oven

Our baked goods completely deserve their reputation as evil, delightful, and inescapable. Although many items are gluten-free and/or vegan, you could never tell. The vegan chocolate cake is to die for, as is our famous morning glory muffin. Our cookies range from the sublime lemon bar to the sinful sea salt chocolate-chocolate chip. Or try Mariannes favorite, the rosemary shortbread with Sea Salt. Our bakers put a lot of creativity and love into their cake, cupcake, cookie, and muffin recipes. Some are delightfully exotic and some, well,  you just have to try to believe (like the strawberry basil scone or the vanilla fig muffin).

We are now serving macarons by Marianne on weekends! We’ve heard (from numerous sources) they rival the famous macaron bakeries in Paris!

Our Teas

From the mysteriously sweet and cozy San Francisco Spice (available in our on line store) to the rock star-worthy Green Dragon or the soothing Luminous Lemon, Linnaea's teas are a special experience unto themselves. Many of them are organic and Fair Trade.

We open at 6:30am M-F and at 7:00am weekends. We close at 9:30pm Sun-W and at 10:00pm Th.-Sat. Call us at tel:(805) 541-5888 Free WiFi, Major Credit Cards accepted